Plants and seeds that can be planted in the
Western Cape during April

Planting times of the seeds listed below may vary in the other provinces of South Africa. The Western Cape is a winter rainfall area.

Type of seed to be planted

Flowers and where they should be planted

African Daisy - Full sun
Alyssum - Full sun Semi shade
Antyirrhinum - Full sun Semi shade
Bellis Perennis - Full sun Semi shade
Calendulas - Full sun Semi shade
California Poppies - Full sun
Canterbury Bells - Full sun Semi shade
Carnations - Full sun
Cornflowers - Full sun
Dianthus - Semi Shade
Felicia - Full sun
Foxglove - Felicia - Full sun Semi shade
Gazania - Full sun
Gerbera - Full sun
Helichrysum - Full sun
Hollyhocks - Full sun
Mesembry Anthenum - Full sun
Nasturtiums - Full sun Semi shade
Osteopermums - Full sun Semi shade
Pansy - Full sun Semi shade
Petunia - Full sun Semi shade
Phlox - Full sun
Poppy - Full sun
Sweetpeas - Full sun
Sweet Williams - Full sun Semi shade
Verbena. - Full sun

Vegetables and where they should be planted in April

Broccoli - Full sun
Cabbage - Full sun
Carrots - Full sun
Kale - Full sun
Leek - Full sun
Lettuce - Full sun
Onions - Full sun
Peas - Full sun
Radish - Full sun
Swisschard - Full sun
Turnips - Full sun

Herbs and where they should be planted in April

Coriander - Full sun
Chamomille - Full sun
Oreganum - Full sun
Parsley - Full sun
Thyme - Full sun
Water Cress - Full sun

Happy gardening!

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April planting Guide
Article posted 5.5.2016

How to

Make compost
Plant and grow Amaryllis
Water plants properly
Grow Bottle brush plants
from slips or seeds

Grow Peppers
Grow Pumpkins
Grow spinach
Deal with snails
Grow cucumbers
Grow artichokes
Grow spanspek
Grow African violets
Grow Avocados from pips
Use Grey Water
Grow Sweet Peas
Fit a garden tap
Grow Agapanthas

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